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#BlogMas- Christmas Baked goodies and Hot Chocolate.

Hello Gems, blogmas is gradually coming to an end and i have shared a lot about me with you all. I feel like we are definitely bff’s now.

Today’s post is a simple one that is perfect for your Christmas morning. Keeping warm during this time of the year is very very important and one way you can keep warm is by having yourself a nice cup of cocoa.

Here’s my simple technique to making you a cup of hot chocolate on  Christmas morning.

All you need?

  • your special tea cup (my cup reminds me so much of myself when I’m not dressed in sweatpants lol, plus it says smile on the inside so when I sip I am forced to smile)
  • Hot chocolate (any brand should work but Carnation’s is very creamy and nice too)
  • Marshmallows
  • chocolates or some home baked goodies. ( I baked some Christmas themed cupcakes)

I ate them before taking pictures, don’t judge me (they were so good)

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