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BlogMas- The perfect Christmas tree

Do you have a small space and still want a Christmas tree that will fit perfectly but won’t overwhelm your entire living area?

I got you gems!!! Today’s #blogmas post is going to be a 2 in 1 post.

The first part of it will cover setting up your Christmas tree and making it very unique, while the second half will be about simple ways to make your tree look fuller than usual.

Before we get into today’s post, I want to share a little secret with you Gems. When it comes to Christmas decor, I’ve always had a hard time, over the years and even when I was much younger, my older sister did the decor with my mum (they always did a fabulous job) and I just never got around to doing it. Today you gems get to witness me try, fail, take down the tree, and try all over again. Honestly I hope this encourages someone not to give up on their goals 😉

What do you need?

Of course a Christmas tree (I got a 4ft tree from Michael’s)- with lights

Spray Color (any spray color of your choice)- Michael’s carry a bunch of them

Christmas lights (got some from Canadian tire)



Fake tree branches

Candy cane


So I spray painted the tree just cos i didn’t want the traditional green tree. Can you gems see this tree? It looks unhappy right? I was absolutely disappointed when i brought it out of the box and found it looking like it was skinned by a Grinch. Plus and it came with lights pre-installed (boy was that a bad bad idea, cos it was all tangled and just made the entire process  a lot harder).


Anyways I opted for black and white ornaments to keep the tree simple since i changed the color.

I added some fake branches in white and gold (still sticking with the theme here) and threw on some garlands.

Now, here is the second part that helps your scanty (hungry) tree look much fuller. The only thing I’d advice for a newbie like me is be very careful when adding your garlands and fake branches, so you avoid more tangling than you need and you still keep your tree looking full and nice.f

Finally getting the right light will either make or break your hard work. I got two types of lights- Battery powered white/ regular lights and plug in white sparkly lights from Canadian tire. For the most part the battery powered one’s seemed to work just perfectly and complemented the tree as needed. But the second type of lights I got seemed to make my decor session just messy. If you look closely at the pictures you’ll see the very thin strings going all around the tree (the wire was way too long, however it looked pretty when I put it on)hguf


Watch me set up my tree, take it down and try all over again (lool)

[wpvideo 31JYuZjo]


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