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How to wear a sweater dress to work.

Happy blog post Monday Gems, this week I want to show you one way to wear your sweater dress to work. Since the weather has fully changed and it is getting colder as the days go by, Wearing sweaters is just my way of coping.

Before I go any further, this week my goal is to work on forgiveness. I want to make a habit of forgiving people who hurt me and more importantly forgiving myself.

Sweaters honestly are life savers especially when you live in a city like Vancouver. You need to embrace the blessing that I call sweaters. In Vancouver, it rains ridiculously throughout the entire year and honestly half the time the weather is usually chilly.

I find that most people who work in offices, find it a bit difficult incorporating sweaters with their work outfits. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to wearing sweaters you have to find the right way to style them. Especially if you intend to wear it to work on a cold day. I find that wearing turtle neck style sweaters are perfect for formal gatherings, because it screams classy and chic.

For this look, I could have simply worn the sweater dress by itself, but I chose to wear my work shirt underneath and style it up with some comfy booties.

Wearing the shirt with the sweater dress made the look complete, I especially love how both sleeves complement each other without one overpowering the other.

I finished up this look with a bold belt and tights to keep my legs perfectly warm. The best part has to be the matching red bag to go with the belt.

Catch up on last week’s Post HERE all the details are below.

Sweater Dress- H&M or This 

Shirt- Uniqlo

Shoes- Just Fab

Bag- Mimiso

Belt- Zara

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