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30 Jun 2017

White and Smiles

DSC_0142 There's always something about embracing your big teeth and shinny forehead (that has nothing to do with todays post but I'm proud of my forehead today). with that being said, let get into the gist of today's  blog post. ers no doubt that I was excited when shooting this blog post. Honestly I didn't have any big idea running through my mind for this particular one. I jus knew I wanted to play dress up, "be extra", and forget all about being perfect  (lol). DSC_0134DSC_0128 First of all can I say this "boot cut, dungarees" is absolutely impeccable for all the right reasons. obviously we have to give brownie points cause its white (yes I'm being partial), two it come as a dungarees. And finally they cost just $19 (seriously what can beat that? I'll wait)DSC_0126 The beauty of wearing dungarees, is its versatility. You can easily style it however you please and it comes with the added option for those who'd rather have their mid region protected from additional breeze. (Wink) DSC_0131dsc_0127.jpgDSC_0144 Oh and for the record breaking pose (no you don't get to laugh) I felt like a rap artist, so I posed like my album cover needed to be tough (lol)DSC_0124 without further adoo: Dungarees: Gap Similar Top: SheIn Jewelry: Aldo Sunglasses: Aldo shoes: super duper old


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