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05 Sep 2018

Back to school

School is in session and I am more than happy to say that I do not miss all of the hassle, (not even for a single moment) but one thing I actually miss, is dressing up for the first week of school before going back to be wearing comfy sweatpants and sneakers.   So here is one way I'd have gone to school on the first week back. I  chose to wear Abstar and Pecos from with this look and they both look exquisite. DSC_0925DSC_0873DSC_0897dsc_0855.jpgDSC_0869DSC_0870DSC_0875DSC_0874DSC_0872DSC_0911DSC_0900DSC_0915 Sunglasses- Abstar in black Pecos in red shoes- Adidas      


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