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10 Oct 2018

Dame in Leather

Since the weather is still being nice, I for sure decided to take advantage of it and enjoy all of this warmth for now before the snow "blesses" us with its presence. I have had this sweater for a few years and I just never got around to wearing/ styling it. I wanted to be over the top with my look in this sweater, but on the other hand I was more concerned about being comfortable and cute. The look came together in a breeze, looking like a little dame in leather. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I will love to see you guys dsc_0243.jpg DSC_0244DSC_0297dsc_0286-e1539191101319.jpgDSC_0260DSC_0283dsc_0300.jpgDSC_0307 Current read- //


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