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Fuchsia Fall

I know you are probably wondering, “bright pink in the fall?” Yes people, if the weather is right and the attitude is tight, “be colourful”, Fashion has no limits (therefore thou shalt not limit thyselves). This weeks post is going to be more or less about my weekend away to Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving (yes in Canada Thanksgiving is in October).DSC_0161

Honestly I can’t explain how excited I was to be visiting Saskatoon. The weather was surprisingly beautiful as opposed to their traditional super cold and dry weather. It was just right for me to bring out the colour and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

Sarah EkeDSC_0190DSC_0192

When I got to Saskatoon and the environment was a bit different, trust and believe I became your typical tourist.

Basking in the sun, running around downtown like a chicken because I literally wanted to take it all in. Strolling through stores and just smiling like some of these stores aren’t in Vancouver (Don’t judge me).


Wait, did i mention how awesome the people are? I met two young ladies who moved from BC to Saskatoon and initially I was like EHN? (why you do that?) but then again with such beautiful environment and amazing people I will move from LA to saskatoon myself (just saying).

I met so many amazing people from my sister’s church, (Ladies got vocals). One of them actually took me around Sask and was my photographer for the day. (This was her first attempt at professional photography and I think she did awesome).DSC_0158DSC_0180

Anyways enough about my trip- For now. I know you are all probably more interested in the outfit details but before that, I have to share the location of this shoot with you guys.

If you ever visit Saskatoon, you have to go to the “Delta Bessborough Saskatoon” aka The castle by the river. This place is so beautiful for photoshoots and just enjoying the scenery. It is downtown somewhere (not sure exactly but theres a mall not too far from the pace), the hotel is literally across from the river and the view is just majestic, I wanted to stay longer and just be there come rain, come snow. my next post will be more about the location so be on the look out :).


Outfit deets-

Skirt- Similar

Sneakers- Footlocker

Sequin Top- (secret, its a dress)- Similar

Chocker- made it myself

Rings- Guess

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