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Happy New Year- Blogging in 2020

Happy New Year Gems- blogging in 2020

Happy New Year Gems!!!

Ahhh; 2019 is finally over and I am super blessed to be starting the year with you all.  I want to take this opportunity to tell you Gems how thankful i am to share my creative ideas with you.

More importantly; I get to call you all a part of my journey, and success story.

This year is a start of new things for me, at the end of 2019 I shared some Christmas and New Year looks with you all.

However to start blogging in 2020, I will be sharing a little bit of how I spent my Christmas and New Year break. Towards the end of last year, I started feeling overwhelmed. For the most part I was exhausted, I had days I wanted to quit social media and blogging and just stay in my bed. Well, I decided to take a few days around Christmas to rest and do absolutely nothing. It was a hard decision for me, since I enjoy blogging and sharing a part of myself  with you. I realized that taking some time to rest was equally as important. I spent most of my Christmas break relaxing and honestly shopping for my blog this new year.

Talk about enjoying Christmas; I had a themed shoot in a fabulous Robe and I honestly couldn’t wait to share the result with you Gems. Oh you have to check my Instagram to catch some of my real life activities as well.

I am very thankful to God for a fantastic Christmas break, 2020 is about to be 10 times better. I have so many amazing things planned out for the new year which includes sharing a lot more about myself with you.

Again, Happy New Year- Blogging in 2020 only means I will be creating the best looks for you all.

Happy New Year- Blogging in 2020  Happy New Year- Blogging in 2020


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