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Leather Skirts and Work places in the spring

Since Spring is finally in full effect, and the weather in BC has finally transitioned from winter, I finally have a very short window to play around in some spring clothing.

Happy Blogpost Monday guys, this week’s post is all about wearing your leather skirt to work in spring. When you think about outfits that are fit for the workplace, you often think about the boring blacks, greys, all the dark colors in your closets and sometimes may be whites (honestly I do too, those are the colors that jump to mind when we talk about workplaces).

For this spring’s look, my goal was to step outside the boring work norm and incorporate other fashion staples to take this look up a few notches. I am in love with the design of this brown leather skirt and how it complements the white blazer and the shirt. Since I have the leather skirt as my statement piece, completing the look was easy with a pair of tan pumps and my “go to” circle bag that is perfect for all my work looks. Per usual, I have my glasses so I can actually see and also to make the look more professional.

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I love you guys and we are back here next week Monday

Skirt- F21 Similar 

Blazer- Here

Shirt- Uniqlo


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