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24 Mar 2020

Maintaining My Routine During Self- Isolation

I am not sure if this is me being insensitive, but this is my way of keeping you all entertained while maintaining my routine during self- Isolation. This time had brought the world to a point where we all have to be extremely careful. At the same time it definitely has forced us to remain in doors. Don't get me wrong I understand the importance of Self-Isolation and being extra cautious. I am just having a hard time as blogger; sharing content and keeping to my regular #blogpostMonday routine. On one hand, I feel like I'm being insensitive by blogging weekly and sharing content on my Instagram daily. On the other hand, I strongly believe it is a good idea to keep most of my routine as much as I possibly can, while inspiring others not to loose sight of who they are. While we all work tirelessly to create a world safe enough for us all to enjoy each others company. It is almost impossible to maintain a routine during self- isolation, but my goal as a fashion blogger at this time is to create content that enlightens everyone. I want to use this platform as an avenue for everyone come on and just relax. This is the place you go to hold on to your routine on Mondays. This is where you still get your fashion inspiration and prepare for days when we can all go out and be back to work. In my last post I shared a few things you can do during Self-Isolation and Quarantine. The best part of Maintaining My Routine During Self- Isolation is knowing that we will all get through this period.   Side Note- I took this pictures long before the pandemic and Social Isolation. Please remember to stay safe and wash your hands. Maintaining My Routine During Self- Isolation Maintaining My Routine During Self- Isolation Maintaining My Routine During Self- Isolation Dress- Here


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