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31 Dec 2017

New Years Eve

Welcome to the last day of the year, where we sit back, review the past 365 days. This is the time we re-evaluate, plan for the year ahead and set new goals. For some people, this time is the opportunity to start afresh, step into new beginnings and for others may signify a rebirth. I believe the most significant time of the year is the last day, as it ends a journey, maybe an era and definitely gives room for a fresh start for everyone. So here's me raising a glass to taking giant strides, making steady progress and impacting lives in 2018. I am taking this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those who started this journey with me this year and stuck with me. See you all at the mark of a fresh start.. Lots of love.DSC_0370DSC_0371DSC_0368DSC_0366DSC_0362 Sarah EkeDSC_0363Sarah EkeSarah EkeDSC_0367


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