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26 Nov 2019

Season to Remember- Christmas Red

Happy Blog post Monday Gems, It's still all about the Season to Remember - Christmas Red. I know I was missing in action for an entire week; honestly I needed to take some time off to rest and take care of myself. I am so glad I did, but I am very much back now and I hope to keep up with the rest of this series. This week I am back to my regular routine for #BlogpostMonday. We are getting back into the series "Season to Remember"- This week's post is all about styling red for Christmas. Now before we jump right into the details of this very chic look, my goal this week to reflect on 2019 while being thankful. Do you guys ever put on a dress and immediately feel like a little child again? Well this Maje dress definitely made me feel like a princess. This dress is just perfect any Christmas dinner, brunch or get together. Without much rambling, I love how vibrant this dress is. It is the perfect shade of red and what's a Christmas look without a touch of red and green. I opted for red pumps and matching red and green earrings, to complete the entire look and I chose my simple green purse. Last week I shared the first look in this series HERE Details of this look is all below. See you all next week, still on the series Season to Remember Season to Remember- Christmas Red Season to Remember- Christmas Red Season to Remember- Christmas Red Season to Remember- Christmas Red Dress- Maje Shoes- Here Purse- Here


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