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18 Mar 2019

styling your Dungarees for Spring

Its Blog Post Monday!!!! Happy new week Gems, ahhh I am super duper excited about this week and I bet you can tell from the pictures too. I'll tell you why in a few words... I get to meet Michelle Obama this week (what?). I know!!! The most fashionable Flotus that ever lived in the white house and of course "she's an Icon living" Well with that being said, this weeks look is a simple one for my fashionista who get to play a little with their work looks. since its spring playing around with style and color is always a good idea. I decided to keep the colors simple and cozy enough, so I don't overpower the actual style that I put together.   Make sure to follow my social media pages. Love you gems and see you next week Monday with a new blogpostSaraheke fashion blog spring outfit ideafashion bloggerDSC_0407fashion blogger sarahekeDSC_0435.jpgDSC_0423-1756250118-1552913057693.jpgDSC_0432-112345553-1552910953350.jpgDSC_0438DSC_0457DSC_0437.jpg Booties- Similar Dungarees- Similar Blouse- Similar


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