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The Perfect Post Valentine’s day Look

Happy #Blogpost Monday Gems.. This weeks post is all about “Valentine”, I know!!!

-Sarah you are a few days late to this “love party”

Errm, but no we are not late. I believe love should be celebrated everyday of the week, and for the single Gems (hmm hmm) Valentine’s day is whenever we say it is. So this week’s look is clearly inspired by the famous national chocolate and flowers day for lovers.

I may not be the first to pick a red dress in the store but this dress however gave me the opportunity to wear red in the most comfortable way ever. The dress on it’s own speaks volume (double slit and a little cut out around the chest), so comfortable booties and socks were the perfect match. (oh btw I love the pearl details on the sock, matches the denim details)

Where can you wear this look to you ask? Karaoke bar, girls day/night out, go karting, and of course on a First date (you are not doing too much but you still look great)

For those of you Gems who didn’t get flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s, here is a great excuse to wear red and to go treat yourself to a nice time.

Make sure to check my Instagram for more fun posts, and I’ll see you next week Monday

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