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14 Jan 2019

Trendy Work Look On a Budget

Hello Gems, Happy New Week!!! I believe most you gems are back in the swing of things and work(for those who have to work) has already taken over. Well I just recovered from a horrible fever/flu, and honestly I am happy to be back to my regular work life. Since the year just started I decided that it's a good idea to share some ways to style a simple work look. For this post I will show you one simple way to style your straight-cut "regular" work pants to look trendy. "But before we get started with this look, if you haven't subscribed to the blog, go subscribe right now so you never miss a post. Oh and follow me on Instagram" Like always simple does it. I decided that a sheer sleeve blouse with little pearl detailing (so cute), would be perfect because it takes the look from simple to classy in no time. you can never go wrong with a pair of pumps or flat shoes (for those who would rather be comfortable) There's no such thing as to many pearls, so why not add some more with a cute beret ;) dsc_0046dsc_0016.jpgdsc_0041dsc_0091dsc_0059dsc_0086dsc_0083dsc_0057.jpgdsc_0094.jpgdsc_0093dsc_0079.jpg See you in the next post where we style this same pants another way-


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