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Types of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions

Do you dream of changing your look, trying different hairstyles, but are scared of any commitment? This is where the world of hair extensions comes in. There are a lot of questions about the types of hair extensions, the techniques, which one is better, and whatnot. This is why many people are scared to step into this world but worry not; we are here to guide you.

Read the article to get clarity about all the different hair extension options, their pros, and their cons so you can get comfortable with the idea of hair extensions.


●      Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions might just be the most popular type of hair extension there is, primarily because of how fast and easy they are to use. They are sections of hair to which a clip is attached to the base. These clips allow you to put extensions on your natural hair on your own without any fuss. The clips-in extensions open and close like any regular clips. Taking them out is just as easy.

These clip-in extensions are not permanent; they are temporary extensions. Clip-ins are great for those who want to achieve a specific look without any permanent commitment. They also are the least damaging for your hair as no chemical or heat is used. Just clips that you can attach to your natural hair with ease. The time it takes to put them on depends on how used a person is to them, but usually, it takes about anywhere from five to fifteen minutes.

And depending on how well you take care of them, clip-in hair extensions last anywhere from three months to up to a year. And if the extensions are made of human hair, taking care of them will be a lot easier than synthetic hair. Because of their easy use, this type of human hair clip extension is favored by most and is also widely available.

●      Halo Extensions

Halo extensions are great for those who need non-invasive hair extensions. There is a transparent wire to which all the hair is attached, so it sits on your head, and the top sections of your hair cover it up. You can do it at home as well, and since the hair isn’t attached to your natural hair, there is no added pressure. It’s best to use human hair extensions, so they blend into your hair easily. Most people use halo extensions to get long hair extensions.

●      Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are kind of similar to clip-in hair extensions, at least to a certain extent. Instead of clips, a small adhesive tape-like section is added to the base of the hair. And then, these hair sections are glued to your natural hair.This type of hair extension is best for those who need a certain day-to-day look, but that does not mean tape-in extensions are permanent. They are temporary hair extensions. They will give you a look you want to have for about six to eight weeks, after which you will have to replace them.

Although tape-in hair extensions are a great option, they do damage your hair because your hairdresser will need to use heat to glue the hair extensions onto your natural hair. And when you are removing them, a chemical glue remover will need to be used remove the glue. So yes, there will be damage, but not a lot of it. It also takes longer to put them in, around forty minutes to an hour. And if you take care of your extensions, they can be reused as well. But you have to be careful when washing or heat styling your hair to avoid ruining the hair extensions. For this reason, human hairextensions are always recommended because not only do they look better than synthetic hair, but they also last longer, and they are easier to take care of.

●      Microbead Hair Extension

Micro bead hair extensions, sometimes also known as micro link extensions or micro loop hair extensions, are attached to small sections of your natural hair. Tiny wefts of hair are attached using a small bead lined with silicone. Then a special tool is used to tighten the bead to a person’s natural hair, so it’s secure. You need to make sure that this type of hair extension is attached by a trusted professional because any small mistake can cause damage to your hair. The attachment can be too tight, which can pull your roots, or the micro link hair extensions might not be removed properly, which can pull your hair and once again damage it. It is a very time-consuming process.

Micro link extensions take around two to four hours to attach to your hair, and they last for about four months, so it’s safe to say that these are semi-permanent hair extensions. After that, they will need to be readjusted as your natural hair grows and the micro links start to move away from your scalp. As for taking care of them, you can wash and heat style your hair as usual.

●      Flat-Tip Hair Extensions

Flat-tip hair extensions are sort of a combination of microbeads and tape-in hair extensions. A non-slip bead is used to attach small pieces of hair to your natural hair, so any kind of glue or heat is avoided. This leads to a lot less damage compared to other types of extensions that involve these damaging products. But don’t expect NO damage since every kind of hair extension causes some damage to your natural hair.

●     Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions (Fusion Hair Extensions)

Fusion hair extensions (another name for pre bonded hair extensions) use small keratin bonds that are melted using a hot glue gun and reshaped around your hair to create a strong bond. Pre-bonded hair extensions take about three to four hours and need to be done by a professional. Just know that this type of hair extension can damage your natural hairbecause a lot of heat is used to attach the hair to your natural hair. A lot of the time, many hairdressers will advise against this hair extensions method, especially to those who have weak hair, because this will then lead to hair loss.

Other than that, they are really easy to take care of. Just treat them like you would treat your natural hair. You will need to replace them about every four months as your hair grows, so they are considered semi-permanent. But that obviously depends on each individual and their hair. Some might need to change them sooner, some later, so look at your own hair and see what’s best.

●      Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension is an upgraded version of fusion hair extensions. The main difference is that in this method, no heat is used to attach hair to your natural hair. The heat is replaced with an ultrasound mechanic wave applied to the tip of the hair. Then the hair is directly attached to the root of your natural hair.

This technique is developed, so it’s a lot gentler on your hair than heat fusion hair extensions. Just like other extensions, you can reuse these extensions as well if they are in good shape. So, you need to look after the extensions and your own hair.

●      Weave Or Sew-In Hair Extensions

The weave is another type of hair extension that is quickly gaining popularity. For this, first, your natural hair is braided into cornrows or braids, so they sit flat. Then a needle and thread are used to weave the hair extensions into the braid. This method works well for people with specific hair types. It suits people with thicker hair as a lot of strain is put onto your natural hair. They need to be able to take the strain; that’s why it’s not recommended for people with weak and thin hair. Like for every other type of extension, you either choose human hair extensions or synthetic hair, but since weaves stay on your head for a long time, real human hair extensions are preferred over natural hair to avoid synthetic hair ruining your look over time.

Ruby water wave ponytail

Sew-In Hair Extensions

This process is very time-consuming and takes several hours. Since attaching hair extensions is a delicate process, it needs to be done by a professional who has experience in sew-in in hair extensions. This gives a seamless and very natural look. You will need to moisturize your scalp or edges once a week (at least), depending on whether you get a sew-In wig or separate extension hair.

Moreover, it is also recommended to use hair products with special protein so your hair doesn’t become weak and your natural hair grows. Deep conditioning products are also recommended. It’s best if you remove your sew-in hair extensions every six to eight weeks. The maximum time should be four months because the longer you leave them in, your own natural hair growth will be affected, even if you have thick hair. Over time you will see thinning hair. Regardless of any sew-in hair extensions or any sort of extensions, you always need to look after your own hair.

●      Wigs

There are several types of wigs that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made so they cover your own hair. Certain varieties like lace front wigs are very well known. Many people use wigs to cover up hair loss or just to change up their looks.

There are also hairpieces, which are different from wigs. While wigs are made to cover your entire head, hairpieces come in sections and styles like a ponytail or a bun. They are usually used to create a hairstyle with a much more filler and voluminous look. Taking care of them can be a hassle, especially synthetic hair. It’s much easier to take care of human hair extensions or wigs.

Diamond 360 Frontal wig

If you take care of your human hair wigs, they can last up to a year, but synthetic hair hardly lasts a month. So naturally, it’s better to get human hair wigs. And if you want the finest quality, Remy hair extensions are the way to go as the cuticles of the human hair are still attached. Such things as heat styling become a lot easier since the extensions won’t be damaged. You can also use a wide-tooth comb, so the hair doesn’t break easily.

And that’s all we have about the world of hair extensions. It might be overwhelming, in the beginning, considering all these options to choose from. Still, it’s best to familiarise yourself with everything before deciding. And we hope this article made you one step closer to it. See what’s suitable for your natural hair and your preference. And in the end, whether you decide to rock your own natural hair or different types of hair extensions, what matters is that you feel beautiful and confident. And hey, if you think you are ready, how about you start with Textures by Sarah for the most elegant, exquisite, effortless hair extensions!

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