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Blogmas- DIY Christmas Ugly sweater

Hello Gems, it’s another #blogmas post and today, we will be making a Christmas Ugly sweater.

I had this brilliant idea that making a DIY ugly sweater would be too easy, so I thought to myself “how about we make it light up”. well first of all we all know I’m artistically challenged (if that’s even a thing lol), so process was a bit interesting.

Let’s get right into this #DIY

what do you need?

  • old sweater (any color would do)
  • some Christmas decoration
  • pompom
  • scissors
  • glue (I used a glue gun, its easy, fast and not so messy)
  • big ribbon (you can use the ones that light up
  • and a battery powered light

I had to keep adjusting and readjust the bow light cos it was a bit heavy, I ended up just gluing it to the sweater cos fell off a few times.IMG_7392IMG_7393IMG_7394IMG_739511223344

[wpvideo dlItzus4]

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