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#Blogmas- DIY stockings and stocking stuffers

Hello Gems, welcome to another post on #blogmas

Today we are talking all things #Christmas Stockings and the perfect #stuffers. Now lets get started, you gems know since I started #blogmas I have taken on the challenge to try out the world of #DIY and so far it has been interesting.

I decided to design my stocking (for the first time ever) and I think I didn’t do too bad.

What do you need? Plain stockings, a pencil, some pompoms, Christmas decor from the dollar store, scissors, glue gun, fake pearlly strings, and some stick on stones.

I am not the best at designing or arts and craft, hence the pencil. I needed the pencil to trace out the letters I wanted on the stockings. (Don’t judge my writing).


Now you get to be creative with your ideas and put it together how ever you wish.

So since I do not have a fireplace, I decided my bookshelf was the next best thing.

If you ever wondered what you could put in your stockings, here are suggestions for you Gems.

For guys some good stuffers will be; corkscrew, shoe polish, wallet, chap stick, boxers, brief, cufflinks or neckties  and of course some chocolate

For ladies, you can never go wrong with some skin care products (face masks, face & skin oils), some make up is always a good idea (mascara, lipgloss/ lipsticks), headphones, gloves (if you live in the colder regions), nail polish, spa treatment and may be an Amazon gift card *wink *wink 😉

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Love you Gems

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