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13 Dec 2018

#Blogmas- DIY stockings and stocking stuffers

Hello Gems, welcome to another post on #blogmas Today we are talking all things #Christmas Stockings and the perfect #stuffers. Now lets get started, you gems know since I started #blogmas I have taken on the challenge to try out the world of #DIY and so far it has been interesting. I decided to design my stocking (for the first time ever) and I think I didn't do too bad. What do you need? Plain stockings, a pencil, some pompoms, Christmas decor from the dollar store, scissors, glue gun, fake pearlly strings, and some stick on stones. [gallery ids="2369,2370,2371" type="rectangular"] I am not the best at designing or arts and craft, hence the pencil. I needed the pencil to trace out the letters I wanted on the stockings. (Don't judge my writing).   Now you get to be creative with your ideas and put it together how ever you wish. [gallery ids="2372,2373,2374,2375" type="rectangular"] So since I do not have a fireplace, I decided my bookshelf was the next best thing. [gallery ids="2378,2379,2380" type="rectangular"] If you ever wondered what you could put in your stockings, here are suggestions for you Gems. For guys some good stuffers will be; corkscrew, shoe polish, wallet, chap stick, boxers, brief, cufflinks or neckties  and of course some chocolate For ladies, you can never go wrong with some skin care products (face masks, face & skin oils), some make up is always a good idea (mascara, lipgloss/ lipsticks), headphones, gloves (if you live in the colder regions), nail polish, spa treatment and may be an Amazon gift card *wink *wink ;) If you haven't entered my give away, go do it now and you could win an amazon gift card for $50 Finally follow me on Instagram Love you Gems


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