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#Blogmas- Best Gift Ideas and Gift Wrapping Technique

Hello Gems, it’s another #blogmas post and as usual, I am excited. Today lets talk about gift ideas for this season. I know it gets stressful, and it is very easy to get carried away when Christmas gift shopping, so here are some easy ways to get through Christmas gift shopping, without breaking the bank but at the same time finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

When I Christmas shop for my family, I usually do these 4 things

  1. My budget- I just like to put a price point for everyone I want to spend on for Christmas (truth be told the most important people in my life get gifts for their birthdays and Christmas)- so I always try to keep a budget for each time I get a gift and I stick with it.
  2. Meaningful Gift- if you are anything like me, coming up with gift ideas is usually hard, so what I end up doing is asking my loved ones exactly what they want (no need to bother my mind lol). If it falls within my budget, I go ahead and buy it for them. If not, I buy them the next best thing (usually similar but much cheaper and within my budget).
  3. Surprise Gift- if you aren’t like me and you enjoy a good surprise, one way to give them a good surprise present is by paying attention to the things they want throughout the year (or something they drool over whenever it comes up). For me, I just looked at something I know they need but don’t have (most times these things are simple things they can buy themselves but just haven’t gotten around to.
  4. Finally, I make sure to buy myself something, it could be a pen or a purse. I think it is absolutely important to get yourself a gift during Christmas as well.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for Ladies

  1. Purse (Michael Kors has a good deal going on right now)
  2. Shoes (Every girl loves a good pair)
  3. Jewelry- A necklace with matching Pair of diamond studs is never out of fashion (plus Metalsmith is offering some sweet deals
  4. Perfume
  5. Gift cards (favorite place to shop)

Here are some of the best #giftideas for Guys

  1. wallet/ card holder
  2. Shoes (yes shoes are always a great idea
  3. Belt (Gucci is a good place to check, plus their belts aren’t too expensive)
  4. Perfume
  5. Wristwatch

Now lets get these gifts wrapped up. All you need are, the gifts (of course), wrapping paper (keep it Christmas themed), scissors, tape, ribbons and the little decor thing( not sure what they are called)

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