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Business Casual Look for Women

It’s February Gems, and oh boy we made it!!! 2019 has officially started.. Wow!!! honestly it was just New Year a few days ago and now my birthday is 4 days away (don’t ask me what ill be doing cos I don’t know yet)

Anyways it’s Monday and today’s post is a very easy yet complicated one. Most people find it hard to merge a business look and a casual look to get the perfect business casual look, especially in the colder season. So today we are finding the balance between the formal business look and a super casual look, without doing too much with either one.

The first thing you always want to do is find that perfect fitting pair of jeans and work your way up from there. You can wear a tank top like I did or a shirt would be just as fine. Throwing on a blazer gives the whole business casual look the perfect topping it needs, without being over/under bearing.

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