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Dresses and Cages

Wedding season is here again and most often than not, people have a difficult time picking out what to wear. I noticed that there’s always the question of whether or not it is okay to wear white to a wedding.

Absolutely, white on wedding guests isn’t an issue at all, well if you aren’t dressed up to look like the bride (y’all know what I mean). Lately I have seen a few wedding guests who have the train of their dresses almost as long as that of the bride (That’s a shpill for another day).

So for this look, I went with this Marciano designed white flowery dress and opted for birdcage headband to add some life to the look.

My goal was too keep it simple classy and super cute, without feeling uncomfortable or over dressed. dsc_0200.jpgsarahekeDSC_0181DSC_0178DSC_0173DSC_0167DSC_0168dsc_0169.jpgdsc_0172.jpg

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