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Styling your Denim Dress

A lot of people struggle with styling certain pieces because it just takes a whole lot of work. When I got this dress, I was super excited until I had to wear it. First of the shoulder is so firm and the denim is really tight (you know those once that aren’t soft but yet kinda stretchy?). Anyways the dress felt like a lot of work. first of all, I said to myself, why did it look so good on the model tho? and why am I struggling to make it my own? So here I am, looking myself in the mirror and immediately it hit me, wear a white shirt and BAM, there you have this look.


I hope you lovelies enjoy it.DSC_0761DSC_0758DSC_0756DSC_0747dsc_0730.jpgdsc_0743-e1534680592308.jpgDSC_0728DSC_0731dsc_0724.jpg

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