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Flowers and a Bright smile


Still in the spirit of the series. This weeks post is going to be simple and quite straight to the point.


I refused to do too much with my outfit, except have and act like i had the paparazzi following me around trying to get the gist on my dress (some people would like to call it a blouse or top, for obvious reasons).


I am in love with this dress for many reasons; the sleeve just gives me life, the fabric is the pure definition of character, the length of the dress gives me room to play around with the dress and style it in many ways. DSC_1187

Hence why i was able to throw on a belt, to accentuate the style and also take off the belt and still look popping”


yes i paired it with the same pair of pink sandals from last week and it looked good.


Honestly, there’s just something about flowers and putting a smile on a girls face. (I might sneeze if it were real flowers, but common flowers are cute)Sarah EkeDSC_1179SarahEkeDSC_1177

Shoes: Alaia

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