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The Secret Behind the Series

This weeks post is going to be absolutely different from the usual outfit post and where to get each piece from.


I decided to let you guys in on a little detail (more like a secret) about my ankara styles and custom made items that may have popped up on the blog (and will still be coming up on the blog).

Earlier in the year, My self and my siblings went to Nigeria (Home Country) for the big bro’s wedding. As you may or may not know,  in Nigeria, we literally have aso ebi (don’t know what it is called in english fam) for everything. So the moment we landed in Lagos, My mom was already like you guys have like 500 fabrics that have to be sewn for you before the week runs out. Trust and believe i had a style planned for every material (both ankara and lace) my mother had bought for us and the ones she didn’t even buy, i already designed styles for them.


Anyways fast forward to wedding over and time to head back to work and our  regular lives, my siblings had their provision list for the Nigerian food items that were hard to come by here, so already their list was like a 5 paged essay. But then there was me like “so mummy, plix don’t buy me anything, i don’t want”. Obviously my mother for who she is looks at me like “she doesn’t know what she is saying” goes to the market and buys literally everything you could think of. I’m talking about garri, egusi, ogbono, snail, peak milk, milo, suya spice, pepersoup ingredient, beans and the whole lot. when she gets home to pack our suitcases like she always does. I’m standing around the living room just watching her like a hawk, and as she puts the items in my suitcase, i am legit taking it out like “Fam” i have clothes to pack biko i don’t want food, give me all the clothes I had sewn.DSC_1150DSC_1151DSC_1146DSC_1145Initially she was so confused and worried, like who gives up food for clothing items. well mum I do, plus we all know Nigerians will forever send you on errand once they find out you are travelling so i already planned how i was going to pay for a spare suitcase and i couldn’t afford to leave out my clothes for them garri shenanigans.DSC_1141

Trust and believe, that my mum started taking out some clothing items, shoes and bags. in her words “you don’t needs this one, Kilo fe fi shey” (what do you want to use it for). All in good bid to fit some food items. lord knows i was so frustrated at the time. My mum went as far as saying she would bring my clothes for me when she came visiting later in the year.



With all that being said, don’t be like me that will give up food in a blink for other things and not be moved until i start craving things i cant have (Like groundnut).

If you enjoyed this mini story time, let me know and I’ll be sure to throw in a few funny ones for you guys.


Dress: custom made by Sara-Lani on Instagram

Shoes- Alaia

Purse- Nine west


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