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70’s in Summer

This week, it is safe to say that i was definitely in the summer groove with my African print. DSC_0169


I am still all about simplicity at this point (until i go back to be super extra). But i want to let you guys know that, i wasn’t just happy with the outcome of this look, but I was impressed with how i styled it with my vintage camera instead of an actual purse (not suggesting you do the same tho, but come on you have to admit the camera looked nice with the whole look). DSC_0180DSC_0174DSC_0179DSC_0171Sarah EkeDSC_0173DSC_0168DSC_0170

and of course i pulled the look together with a six inch statement piece pair of sandals (cos why not).

Remember the goal isn’t to look like me, but to be inspired by me and put similar pieces from your closet together without spending too much.


There’s going to be more on the blog about styling prints and “ankara” fabrics coming soon.


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