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That Ugly Jeans

If you are somewhat like me, you kinda always have a problem with finding the right pair of jeans that fit right, so you end up either hating half the pair of jeans in your closet or you just forget they exist cos you wonder what you were thinking purchasing such items. Well today i get to show you one possible way to rock that jean that sitting in the back of your closet waiting to be noticed again.DSC_0205DSC_0185

I decided not to give this pair of jeans away, and try out ways to style her. I chose to throw on a simple black and white shirt, to boost up the outfit. This gave the look a little bit of vibe. i went on and wore a simple pair of black heeled sandals, to keep things casual since my shirt is taking most of the attention for this look.


The good thing about wearing neutral colors, is the freedom you get afterwards to play around with your makeup, or other items like your purse or shoes. I didn’t do much with my look but i went with bold lips just so i don’t look dull like my ugly jeans.

Yes! i love the red lip.


Oh, and somehow i like the artwork on the wall, hence why i chose to shoot here. I think the background looks prettier in person. DSC_0208

I will be re-styling this pair of jeans soon, but differently this time, so be on the look out. 🙂

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