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How to style Fringe pants for the summer

I found that styling fringe pants can be a tad bit tricky, so today’s post is all about how to style your fringe pants for the summer.

Happy blogpost Monday people, I am more than happy to be here today. Over the weekend I went on a 5k foam fest. It was fun for the most part, well except when I had to drop from over 50ft.

Gave myself a good speech getting up the ramp and when it was time to drop from the very top, I was very quiet until I started screaming “I DON’T LIKE IT” until I got to the very bottom and even after that I was still screaming I DON’T LIKE IT.

Guys it was scary, like really scary.  With that being said, tell me guys how was your weekend? (tell me in the comments)

Anyways, back to business on how to style fringe pants for the summer- there are a few places you can wear your fringe pants to, for the most part they have to be somewhat formal. A few places would be a dinner date, nice spring or summer wedding (you know it’s wedding season), a nice formal event or gathering with friends or family.

I will be honest with you guys, I tried out different ways to style this pant and this look was my absolute favorite plus it came out super classy so, why not? With this look, I went with the classic all white simple mono-strap blouse with a floor length belt attached to the blouse. To take the look up a notch, I wrapped the belt around my waist right on the band for my fringe pant to give the illusion of a monochrome like jumpsuit as well.

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