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Styling your Shorts to Work: In 2 Simple ways

Shorts in the work place is usually a big no no for most companies. Actually I doubt there’s any corporate organization that’s all in for their staff members wearing shorts. How are you- styling your shorts to work: In 2 simple ways.

Today I will show you 2 easy ways to wear a two piece short suits perfect for your office. Common, we all know that once you wear a perfectly tailored blazer with any look, it takes the look up a notch and makes it more formal than it is.

For this look I did not wear a blazer to with this it, however, I opted for a waist coat instead (which is basically the same thing just without the long sleeves right?). The idea is to keep the look simple and less sweaty.

Plus I’m not yet the CEO of a Fortune 500, so I do not want to look like I pay the rest of the staff  (hahaha I digress). Honestly I really like the outcome of this look, it is simple chic and a little out of the norm.

Now, since summer is here for sure, this is the perfect excuse to wear shorts to your offices without being inappropriate or misleading but also feeling comfortable and looking sharp. Shorts are the

(Walk into that room in your short 2 piece suit looking like a boss)



For the second look, feel free to take off the blazer or waistcoat (depending on which you opt for), thrown on a pair of suspenders and maybe change your shoes like I did.

I chose a pair of good old pointed toe court shoes and wore my suspenders, just to keep that sharp business attire going.

Before you get into the looks, catch up on last week blogpost HERE

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