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Perfect Black Dress: Bidding summer goodbye

Fall is right around the corner and I cant help myself with this perfect black dress: bidding summer goodbye.

Happy blog post Monday Gems; this week my goal to explore new opportunities and not limit myself (I noticed i have been doing that lately).

Before we jump right into today’s look, can we all agree that there really wasn’t summer in BC this year? Seriously we probably had five days (as in 5) of full blown sunshine this year. I think it is completely fair that I am over this whole summer vibe. (Not a hot girl summer in BC Lol).

Okay all jokes aside, this look is a whole vibe for anyone who wants to make a statement without even saying a word. I am loving this “Perfect black dress: bidding summer goodbye”. Or if you want to show up to your Ex’s wedding (well that works too)

Honestly when my friend gave this dress to me in the store I was a bit hesitant, until I put in on and I didn’t want to take it off. I love every detail of this dress and I have gotten so many complements on it too.

Now since its a black maxi dress; you can easily style however you want. The dress is perfect for a diner date, a formal event or if you are just feeling yourself and want to look like it too.

I chose very minimal jewelry (just my watch and some rings) to keep the focus on the dress and the all black theme I was going for. My shoes and bag were definitely black to complete the whole look.

Last week I shared a simple way to dress up to a lake side wedding HERE

Perfect Black Dress: Bidding summer goodbye

Perfect Black Dress: Bidding summer goodbye Perfect Black Dress: Bidding summer goodbye Perfect Black Dress: Bidding summer goodbye

Dress- couldn’t find it but Here

Shoes- Here

Bag- Here

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