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Styling your Maxi: Lake Side Wedding

Ever wondered what to wear to a beach or lake side wedding? Well look no further, because in today’s blog post, we will be Styling your Maxi; Lake side wedding Style.  Before we get into all of the beautiful details of this look, I’ll share my goal for this week with you. This week, I promise to take extra care of myself and remember that it is very okay to say NO.

Truthfully, I’m very skeptical about “beach and lake” themed wedding ceremonies for every reasons in the book. The first one being; what is the best outfit for a wedding ceremony at the beach? Also, it is a bit difficult to wear heels on the beach or in the sand (its not impossible tho, just difficult).

I think the best idea for a lake side wedding is to wear a maxi dress if styled right. One fantastic reason why styling your maxi dress to a lake side wedding is the fact that you’ll enjoy  how comfortable you will be the entire ceremony. In addition, Maxi dresses make for the perfect picture shots in the wind (imagine your best pose right by the beachor lake in your flowy maxi dress)

I chose this slightly risque alter-neck dress I got for 15 dollars- Yes this dress cost me a whooping sum of 15CAD. Boy I really cant say no to a good bargain now!! Well aside from how cool this burnt orange perfection is, I was in love with the versatility. I could wear anything with it, and style it in so many other ways too. I decided a simple black tank top would be a great contrast and still keep things simple. Catch up on last weeks post HERE

Styling your Maxi: Lake Side Wedding Styling your Maxi: Lake Side Wedding Styling your Maxi: Lake Side Wedding Styling your Maxi: Lake Side Wedding

Dress- Cant find it but here

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