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Styling a Bright Red Pant for your work place

I’m making sure this summer, I take advantage of the sunshine and my opportunity to wear colors bright to work. Today we are all about styling a bright red pant for your work place or dinner or anywhere you wish to wear it to (lol)

This season is all about wearing bright colors and making them perfect for wherever you want to. True story, i went shopping with a few friends and I found this gorgeous pants on sale, but I couldn’t just walk away without bringing it home. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who goes shopping, and somehow ends up walking around the store with this one item hoping to find something else that would make you put it down? Yeah usually I never actually put it down, I end up paying for it and wearing it a million times.

Anyways I digress, today’s blog post isn’t about my shopping tactics (lol) but on how easy styling a bright red pant for your work place is. I chose a simple minion style T-shirt (got it from the men’s section) to make the look comfortable. Yes in case you were wondering I shop at the men’s section sometimes cos they they actually have really dope staples too. Anyways, matched it all with black heels to bring my whole look home. The extra in me refused to wear regular court shoes but if you choose to recreate this look for work or dinner, feel free to wear a pair of covered shoes.

Per usual the detail will be below, but before we delve into all of that, Here is a link to my previous post.

Would you guys want to see me style this pant a different way? If you do, tell me in the comment section below and I will be sure to post up another super duper fun look soon.


Pants- Zara (cant find the link) Similar

Shirt- Uniqlo 

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