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Suited up- Styling your suit in summer

Happy blog post Monday guys, today blog post is all about being Suited up- Styling your suit in summer. Before we jump right into that, My goal for the week is to remain thankful every step of the way.

Now, you are probably wondering “who wants to be suited up – styling Suits in the summer?” Well since you are curious and I’m in the mood to share a little secret with you ill explain (lol).

Wearing suit in the summer is not bad when you style it with the right staples and accessories especially for work.

I feel like finding the right pair of suit is important and is the key to looking your best on a work day or for any formal occasion. Most times when we think of wearing pant or skirt suits, the first place that comes to mind is the office or a business meeting. Absolutely, your work place or a business meeting is usually the ideal place to wear a suit to. However, recently I am more open to styling suits to places other than serious meetings.

Currently love the idea of wearing suits to weddings, gatherings and hangouts or even dates. Your look immediately says ” in charge and love being confident”. Nothing is more attractive than a lady who is absolutely confident and looks the part too.

When I was styling this look, two things were my motivation; first thing was to make sure I was completely comfortable; and the other was to look like a boss while doing this.

If you haven’t taken the time to catch up on last weeks blog post, HERE is your special opportunity. And you know all the detail are tagged below

Suited up- Styling your suit in summer

Suited up- Styling your suit in summer

Suited up- Styling your suit in summer

Suited up- Styling your suit in summer

Pant Suit- Here

Shoes- Here

Bag- Similar

T- shirt- Here (it’s on sale now)


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