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The best Jumpsuit look for work

Best jumpsuit look for work

I always think about different ways I can recycle my outfits, so today’s post is all about the best jumpsuit look for work

Happy blog post Monday Gems, this week my goal is to PRAY for those I LOVE and those who constantly pray for me. 

Let us jump right into today’s style discussion (haha see what i did there, “jump”).

We all have that one jumpsuit that’s almost drilling a whole in the back of our closet and we keep wondering “where exactly will I wear this jumpsuit to?”

I got this jumpsuit because it was white plus it was on sale!

Sale? yes please, I did not think twice before I snagged it off the rack. Don’t get me wrong its a really pretty piece but I had absolutely no plans for it.

To be honest I just knew I wanted it, and I wanted it to style it for the work place too.

So I came up with the best jumpsuit look for work; especially when they come with minimal straps attached to them.

Yes a blazer is probably a safe idea especially for the work place, but I wanted to take the look up a few notches.

So I decided that a shirt or a simple top would be nice; especially if it complements the jumpsuit perfectly this time of year.

Layering up with a black turtle neck is perfect, because it takes the whole look from date night to a business formal  immediately.

I kept my accessories simple but fired up with a gold pair of shoes. (I bet you Gems are used to my shoe choices now)

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Best The best Jumpsuit look for work The best Jumpsuit look for work


Shoes- JustFab

Purse- Here

Jumpsuit- Similar

Top- Any turtle neck will be just fine

Scarf- Call it Spring

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