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BlogMAS- Work party

Nothing says Christmas better than the color red, so i decided to re-rock my red sweater from the last post. Honestly, I absolutely Love (love) this sweater, its so soft and so cozy.

Anyways , this look is perfect for any work Christmas party. I styled the look with a pair of black peep toe heels and changed it up with a pair of black lace boots (for those who live in colder regions)

I hope you gems enjoy this look 🙂DSC_0173DSC_0183dsc_0176.jpgDSC_0174dsc_0175.jpgDSC_0187DSC_0175dsc_0197.jpgdsc_0238-e1543996996815.jpgDSC_0240dsc_0247-e1543997820634.jpgDSC_0178DSC_0253

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